Why You Should Choose Flexographic Printing

Lithography is an ordinary printing where an image is transferred to a smooth metal plate before transferring it onto paper using various types of inks. Flexographic printing, on the other hand, uses a smooth flexible plate on printing on cellophane, food grade paper, plastic, and metallic films, which is an impossible fete for lithographic printing. Hence, printing experts use flexo or flexographic printing techniques in creating prints on food labels and much more. Utilize the following tips in choosing a flexo printing technique that is beyond and above the printing that you see in books, advertisements, and publications:

The Equipment Used

Flexographic printing has slowly advanced over the years due to the improvements made on the equipment. The quality of flexographic printing depends on presses, plates, flexstand, flexcart, and inks used in the printing processes. In fact, a flexo printing can be even better than a lithographic printing if a skilled printer uses the right equipment and creativity.

Also, technological advancements have made flexographic printing faster and easier. For instance, a label printing company will prefer flexographic printing so as to print as many newspapers as possible within a short time.

Uniqueness and versatility of Labels

Flexographic printing has the ability to churn out several top-notch quality labels in a fast and efficient way. The use of flexible plates for printing on unusual surfaces is a guarantee that a printing company that employs flex storage solutions and cutting-edge printing techniques can customize your prints according to your preferences.

The Flexographic label printing process can work with a wide range of assortment materials or multiple colors. Regardless of whether you need a large run of the same type of labels or various unique runs using different materials, the capabilities of a flexographic printing process are unmatchable.

A printing company with years of experience in printing knows the right techniques suitable for your needs. A reputable company with experienced experts with good customer service and quick turnaround is a guarantee of good quality prints. The flexographic technology has evolved greatly in the past decade. Hence there is no need in investing in a printing company that uses conventional printing techniques that won’t give you competitive results.

Many packaging components like wheeled flexcarts require a high-speed process in creating labels. Flexographic printing processes that utilize high-speed printing presses is what you need in getting the job done the right way without too much hassle. Learn more by visiting FlexStor.

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