What Equipment Do You Need to Keep Your Loading Dock Safe?

Loading docks come with many inherent hazards you must always strive to mitigate. The safety of both your workers and your inventory will depend on you making use of loading dock equipment that increases safety and reduces liability. Here’s a few things you should consider for your loading dock.

Traditional Safety Gates and Guardrails
You can make use of various types of gates around the loading dock to keep everyone safe. It’s not hard for someone to fall off the edge of the loading dock. Both people on foot and those using forklifts are in constant danger of falling off the edge of the dock during various operations.

Your dock doors require gates of the proper strength and size. There’s various options for safety gates. There’s also many modern automation that can help to make sure the gates are only open at the right times. Choose the right gates for you, but make sure everybody knows how to properly operate them once they’re installed.

Similarly, guardrails also help to protect everyone on the dock. While it’s a good idea to mark areas of the dock to differentiate operations, it’s even better to setup actual physical barriers. This can keep people from walking into areas full of forklift activity. It can also keep forklifts from accidentally driving over into areas not suitable for them.

Dock Levelers and Dock Seals
When a truck backs into your loading dock, it creates several potential hazards. A truck pulling away from your loading dock can also create many hazards. To mitigate those potential hazards, loading docks of all sizes should implement both dock levelers and dock seals.

A dock leveler can serve to bridge the gap created between the truck and the lip of the dock. A leveler can increase safety for those loading or unloading the truck. It can also make loading and unloading far more efficient. So it’s a time-saver, money saver, and life saver all in one.

Dock seals can help to both guide trucks towards proper docking, while also providing a seal of safety around the truck’s trailer. It keeps the environmental conditions outside from getting inside of the dock. This can prevent slippery conditions or weather interference.

Another safety measure you can add, with levelers and seals, is a truck restraint. These can keep a truck from leaving prematurely or accidentally creeping away from the dock while operations are ongoing.

Keeping Safety at the Forefront
Keeping everyone safe on the loading dock requires the proper loading dock equipment. For the sake of your workers and your inventory, you should always keep an eye out for places where you can improve the safety of your loading dock. Visit Wilcox Door Service Inc. to learn more information.

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