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    您當前的位置 : 首 頁(yè) > 關(guān)于我們 > 宏基精神

    1、 創(chuàng )新一是宏基的市場(chǎng)強音,也是宏基不斷領(lǐng)先行業(yè)的品牌核心;崇尚並追 求堅韌不拔、敢為先人、勇於開(kāi)拓、坦然面對困難的創(chuàng )新精神,期望通屜新的思維 方式和行為E為客戶(hù)和市埸帶來(lái)更高價(jià)值。

    2、 協(xié)作_ 信完善的協(xié)作是團隊取得成功的前提條件,樂(lè )於分享、無(wú)私幫助、 熱誠奉獻將使我們更快更穩健達到目標,同時(shí)有助於我們A個(gè)員工的快樂(lè )成長(cháng)。

    3、 誠信一追求“以誠守信”的做人和做事方式,對社會(huì )誠信、對夥伴誠信、 對團隊誠信。

    4、 專(zhuān)注一堅持專(zhuān)注的理念、專(zhuān)注才能專(zhuān)業(yè),才能真正帶給市場(chǎng)和用戶(hù)有價(jià)值 的產(chǎn)品和服務(wù)。

    5、 激情一激情是成就事業(yè)的重要源泉,是使命感和進(jìn)取心的永恆動(dòng)力,促使 我們永不氣餒、充滿(mǎn)信心和勇氣。

    1、 Innovation

    Innovation is the market ictus as well as the brand core of being the industry leader. We advocate and pursue frie spirits of being persistent and dauntless, being brave to be the first and developing and being to confront all hardships. We expect to bring the higher value to our customers and markets through our innovation.

    2、 Cooperation

    We believe the perfect cooperation is the predication to gain success. Selfless devotion and cordial help will help us achieve the goal faster; meanwhile, it is helpful for our staff s growth.

    3、 Integrity

    We purse the manner of being sincere, upright and honest. We must be loyal and keep faith to our society, partners and our team.

    4、 Concentration

    We insist on the dedicated mind. Only concentration can be professional and to bring more valuable products and services to the clients.

    5、 Passion

    Passion is the significant source to achieve great successes.Passion is the eternal motion of mission sense and gumption ,which makes us never give up but being full of courage and confidence.