4 Signs That It’s Time to Consider Using Field Service Software

For most start-up businesses or companies, they commence their operations of activities by using excel and another database to track their work. This is a common norm for small businesses. If your company or business has a few field technicians, justifying your field service software can be hard. However, many more firms are now improving and switching to the Field service management software. Small businesses can also experience their largest benefits when they switch to the use of Field service management software. This is the right time your business needs to advance to the more robust and efficient tracking solutions. Ask your service technician if they are experiencing:

1. Errors in Job or Accounting Notes
You will always succumb to bad accounting if you continue using spreadsheets. This comes to be true when the business continues growing. Look for signs including:

• Complicated paper trails
• Accounting errors in audits
• Mistakes when notes and paper receipts are captured into the system.
• Field service scheduling is not done correctly due to bad job notes

Such errors are often as a result of transcription difficulties. This is because there is a gap between the entered notes as well as the jobs to be completed. It is also common for the service technicians to fill the gaps. If paper receipts are damaged or lost, it’s even harder to get accurate jobs.

2. Poor Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction can indicate scheduling problems. If customer satisfaction has dropped as your company starts growing, this is true. If customers are complaining about issues like late arrivals, no or late emergency response calls, or incomplete repairs or preventative maintenance, it’s time to switch to the new Field service management software. Most of these issues emanate from poor preventative maintenance and job management.

3. Repair Takes Multiple Visits
It’s inevitable for some repairs to take many visits. When a norm is created by two or more repair visits, it’s important to use a software to schedule the repairs. Problems can be caused by several issues. For the job to be completed, the technicians need more history about the client. Technicians, without electronic access, must travel back to the office to get that information. This is why the field service software is important. You may be interested in the Miracle Service website if you would like more information.

4. Difficulty in Scheduling Technicians for the Job
One of the biggest problems facing growing companies is visibility. It may be time to upgrade your technology if you don’t know where your technicians are working from. As companies grow, they struggle with scheduling challenges. The right answer is not just in scheduling the challenges.

Companies need to modernize their business operations by working with new field service software. Everything going digital for your company with the use of field service management software means growth for the company.

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