3 Tips to Prevent Overhead Door Injuries in Your Warehouse

As you probably already know, overhead industrial doors can be dangerous. However, having an industrial door company install overhead doors in your warehouse can be very handy, since these doors can make it easy for you to transport items in and out. Luckily, if you follow a few tips, you can help ensure that everyone who works in your warehouse is kept as safe as possible, regardless of the fact that you have overhead doors in place.

1. Make Sure You Have Modern Doors

Some warehouses still use the same overhead doors that they have used for many years. In fact, it might not even seem as if there is any point in buying new overhead doors if the existing ones still seem to work just fine. However, buying new, modern doors can be a whole lot safer. This is because newer doors can be less likely to malfunction and cause injury. Plus, regulations have changed over the years, and newer doors have improved safety features to help protect people from getting hurt; for example, newer doors have sensors that cause them to open back up if someone walks underneath them while they are in operation. If your current overhead doors are old, it might be time to replace them. Luckily, along with being safer, they can also cost you less in repair issues over time and can do a better job of keeping outdoor air out of your warehouse. This is important for keeping your warehouse at a comfortable temperature during hot or cold weather and can save you money on industrial heating and cooling bills.

2. Keep Overhead Doors Well-Maintained

Another step that can help prevent overhead door injuries in your warehouse is to keep your overhead doors well-maintained. Over time, your doors are sure to become worn out. This can make them more prone to malfunctioning at the wrong moment and putting someone at risk of getting hurt. Plus, it can make them less reliable, and a door that isn’t properly taken care of might not last as long, either. Working with a company that offers overhead door services is a good way to make sure that your doors are safe and kept in good condition.

3. Provide Warnings

Make sure that it’s easy for employees to tell where your overhead doors are located when their hands might be full or when they might not be paying attention. Hanging up signs that warn of overhead door use can help bring attention to these doors and can encourage people to be more alert.

As you can see, working with companies that specialize in service door industries and taking other steps can help you ensure that overhead doors are used as safely as possible in your warehouse, which can help prevent injuries.

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